Threats from "thoughts of everything" site to Azobux.

Hi dear users
Read the weirdest story that happened to us since we launched Azobux.

There is a member signed up at our site awhile ago, we don't even know where he comes from. We noticed he used VPN/Proxy + Multiple accounts. So, our staff flagged his account and set monitoring of his actions.  

Check his IP. 

Now the moment of discovering his cheating:

he went to our forum and tried to introduce himself. however, he wrote a story about himself and he end it with posting back link as his signature. All users including him knows that posting back links on our forum leads to immediate suspension. so yeah we did suspend him.

Actually he abused our TOS. by posting his backlink on our forum and used multiple accounts.

After awhile we received email from him treating us to make us looks as a scam. lol. we ignored him and we will never message him. what you expect from cheaters? We hate cheaters and we do not value them at all. anyways, read what he emailed us below:

And here is his second Email:

He did this because we just BANNED him and kicked him out of our site after he abused our TOS by posting his back link on our forum and creating multiple accounts.

Article : by Jhon M. Azobux Staff