Friday, 18 May 2018

Requirement of payment

Hi , i would like to announce you about the payment new rules. As we mentioned this before on the forum and news, we are posting it here as well.

Lets first speak about our services that you can generate revenue from.

We have PTC ads, Azogrid , PTSU offers  and offerwalls, that you can make money from these services.

As i see some users they only click paid ads and ignore other services, some they like clicking paid ads and playing azogrid and ignore other services, others only click paid ads most of them ignore PTSU offers.  but all of those users are most likely have to wait for the payment for long time to reach the minimum payout. which its not beneficial for them at all.  and all are free to practice anything to make money.

What users are missing?

 - Offerwalls 

Completing offers is really really fast way to increace your revenue and collect point alonside with clicking paid ads, playing Azogrid and complete PTSU offers.

 - PTSU Offers

It is another way to collect money and cash fast.

So, if a user click paid ads, play azogrid, complete offers at our offerwalls, completing PTSU offers, believe me, this user will get a lot of money and points faster and can cashout fast.

What is the requirement to ask for cashout?

You must complete offers on our offerwalls before you request your payment, and your payment must have at least %15 incomes from offerwalls. this is a requirement and must accept it, if you dont accept, Please stop using our service.


Monday, 9 April 2018


 azobux.com  has  been changed  from azobux.COM to azobux.NET. please, bookmark the site and you can use your current login details. please inform your friends and referrals about the changing.


Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Buy Guaranteed Real Sign Ups

Guaranteed International & Targeted Signups!

Hello, If you are looking  for getting referrals that they will sign up under your link or sign ups on any website, we do have this service.

Friday, 26 January 2018

Learn How To Use Wannads Offer Wall To Earn Money

In this article i would like to explain to you how you can use WANNADS offer wall on our website. It's very easy, and you can earn good money if you give it a daily time.

Lets get started: 

Sign in to our site, click on Earn Money then click wannads wall. now click the gear icon as you see on the picture below.

 This is now is creating your account, simply fill out forms below. and click SUBMIT.

 In this step click SEND CODE, you will receive it on your email address, once you get it paste it in the below box on the picture and hit ACCESS DATA.

that is it, now you will be able to do tasks, surveys etc.. and you get paid for them. if you dont understand anything, please let me know.

Azobux.com Team